When we moved into Hootsuite’s Mount Pleasant HQ, there was a need for some TLC on the walls. There was a call to submit mural ideas for various rooms in the building. People like Chairman Ting, Ola Volo and former PR manager Sandy Pell worked on incredible pieces of mural art. My colleague and friend Ulara and myself submitted a mural illustration based on a fortune cookie message Ulara had read, with the inspirational quote “the mightiest oak in the forest is just a little nut that held its ground”.

I took this quote and made it into a big oak tree illustration. The best part of painting this giant, was the support from different friends coming in and out of the room all evening, helping with their hands, music, jokes or just their presence.

*Interesting fact: there’s a typo in the mural and no one has said anything yet! Most embarrassing thing. Can you find it?

# # # #

March 28, 2019