Creating content for kids? Now, that’s fun! I got to work as the concept artist for Gámomo Creative Lab to develop a series of animated videos for Canadian children’s musician, Will’s Jams. I was given the autonomy to create the characters in the video with the guidance of Gámomo’s Director of Animation.

Work in progress – sketching “Les Mains en Haut”
Digital artwork for “Les Mains en Haut”
Final video of “Les Mains en Haut” for Gámomo Creative Lab.

There are few projects that can be as free and exploratory as this one, and I really enjoyed it.

Sketch for “À la Biblio”
Digital artwork for “À la Biblio”
Final video of “À la Biblio” for Gámomo Creative Lab.

*Interesting fact: I got tennis elbow (?!) from working long hours in the wacom tablet developing these characters. Get your ergonomics right, people! Bad posture injuries are no joke!

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March 28, 2019