I was one of those kids who knew exactly who I wanted to be as a grown-up: an astronomer. But really, what I was doing all the time, was drawing. I drew on the walls, in notebooks at school, on the pavement. I got my first commissioned piece at age 7. It didn’t surprise me when I realized that studying our universe was more of a hobby, and not my passion. And so, I formalized this love for drawing and making things by pursuing a bachelor’s degree in design.

I co-founded my first and only design studio, Gámomo Creative Lab, in 2007. We opened a branch in Vancouver, BC after I moved to study a MAA (Masters of Applied Arts) at Emily Carr University. I’ve since worked with a variety of amazing companies, such as Industrial Brand, Chairman Ting, Indochino and Hootsuite.

I help companies and individuals find their visual voice and share it with the world. I art direct campaigns, build brand assets, and design logos. I create illustrations for animated videos, start-up marketing assets and murals. I’ve been part of major rebrands, working across teams (and offices) to complete successful launches. I help raise two tiny humans who are my inspiration, along with my talented husband who’s my motivation. I can fake a Mexican accent when required (mostly because I’m Mexican). I’ve won several awards for my famous guacamole. And, I still admire our starry night sky.